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History of Water

Several waterways cross Lavaux from north to south, to end up in Lake Geneva. The two main ones are the Lutrive and the Veveyse, which run along the border of today’s area of vines.

Between these two streams, running west to east, is the Châtelard near Grandvaux, the Rio d’Enfer in Epesses, the Forestay from Chexbres to Rivaz and finally the Salenche in St Saphorin. In addition to these rivers that run perennially, the Lavaux slopes drain several water corridors whose flows fluctuate rapidly depending on the season and rainfall.

Located entirely on the territory of the commune of Puidoux, the AOC Dézaley Grand Cru’s borders are in fact determined by water: on the west, the Chenalettaz, to the east, the Forestay stream, and to the south, the lake.

In Lavaux this landscape detail is often coupled with others (soil types, aerators). Together, they help to slow down erosion by stopping the water from passing through the vine parcels.

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